Artwork for Sale

***Artwork includes domestic shipping. The additional charge for international shipping will be invoiced separately.***

Zhostovo Trays - Slava Letkov

Vyacheslav (Slava) Letkov is the acknowledged Grand Master of Zhostovo painting. He is a Merited Artist of Russia and winner of the Repin Award, both awarded by the Russian national government in recognition of a lifetime of artistic contribution at the highest level. He is considered a Russian National Treasure. Slava challenged the typical Zhostovo subject matter (flowers) with fruits, birds, wild animals, and scenes and traditional metal trays with all manner of surfaces including jewelry boxes, furniture pieces, and accessories.

#2101 - Old World Fruit Tray
Slava Letkov
including domestic shipping
21 x 17 inches

Painted in 1998 as a seminar project, This was our first ever acrylic fruit seminar project
and a valuable collector's piece. Not a one of a kind - there are two others in existence.


Zhostovo Trays - Misha Lebedev

Mikhail (Misha) Lebedev is currently the Artist Director of the Zhostovo Factory in Russia.
He is a Merited Artist of Russia.

#2083 - Scalloped Tray
Misha Lebedev
including domestic shipping
17 inches in diameter

#2113 - Old World Fruit Tray
Misha Lebedev
including domestic shipping
20 x 25 inches


Hand Carved and Hand Painted Father Frosts from Russia

  #2102 - Father Frost 1
including domestic shipping
12.5 inches

  #2103 - Father Frost 2
including domestic shipping
11.5 inches

  #2104 - Father Frost 3
including domestic shipping
9 inches

  #2105 - Father Frost 4
including domestic shipping
8.75 inches

  #2106 - Father Frost 5
including domestic shipping
7.5 inches


Norwegian Rosemaling

#2107 - Rosemaled Mirror
Rhoda Fritsch
including domestic shipping
29 x 23 inches with beveled glass

Rhoda Fritch was a long term friend of mine. We taught at Japan’s first convention together.
She earned the status of Vesterhiem Gold Metalist making her artwork a museum treasure.
I hope some lover of Rosemaling will want to own this beautiful mirror to display in their home.


#2108 - Rosemaled Tea Pot
Gayle Oram
including domestic shipping
8 inch diameter of base
8 inches high (not including handle)

Hand painted metal tea pot Rosemaled in the Hallingdal style by Gayle Oram MDA, VGM,
in 1999. It has never been used - only displayed. Perfect condition.


Porcelain pieces by Porsgrund of Norway

These were hand-painted and signed by Knut Andersen in 1975 - forty five years ago. They have been stored/displayed in my china cabinet for all these years. The painting is Telemark style. A similar bowl to the one shown here is in the Telemark Museum. They are magnificent.


#2109 - Porsgrund Plate
Knut Andersen
$75 each (2 available)
including domestic shipping
9 inch plate

#2110 - Porsgrund Platter
Knut Andersen
$375 each
including domestic shipping
15 inch diameter

#2111 - Porsgrund Bowl
Knut Andersen
$325 each
including domestic shipping
8 inch diameter, 5 inches deep



Other Art Forms

Front of Dolls

Back of Dolls
#2112 - Nested Dolls
including domestic shipping
Large doll - 6.5 inches

Close-up of crack

This 6 1/2” set of 7 nested dolls was hand-turned and intricately hand-painted in Russia with an unusual storyline.
It is a version of Baba Yaga. The largest doll has a crack in it. It was purchased to support a Russian artist.