Artwork for Sale

***Artwork includes domestic shipping. The additional charge for international shipping will be invoiced separately.***

Zhostovo Trays

#2101 - Old World Fruit Tray
Slava Letkov
including domestic shipping
21 x 17 inches

Painted in 1998 as a seminar project, This was our first ever acrylic fruit seminar project
and a valuable collector's piece. Not a one of a kind - there are two others in existence.


#2083 - Scalloped Tray
Misha Lebedev
including domestic shipping
17 inches in diameter


Hand Carved and Hand Painted Father Frosts from Russia

  #2102 - Father Frost 1
including domestic shipping
12.5 inches

  #2103 - Father Frost 2
including domestic shipping
11.5 inches

  #2104 - Father Frost 3
including domestic shipping
9 inches

  #2105 - Father Frost 4
including domestic shipping
8.75 inches

  #2106 - Father Frost 5
including domestic shipping
7.5 inches


Norwegian Rosemaling

#2107 - Rosemaled Mirror
Rhoda Fritsch
including domestic shipping
29 x 23 inches with beveled glass

Rhoda Fritch was a long term friend of mine. We taught at Japan’s first convention together.
She earned the status of Vesterhiem Gold Metalist making her artwork a museum treasure.
I hope some lover of Rosemaling will want to own this beautiful mirror to display in their home.


#2108 - Rosemaled Tea Pot
Gayle Oram
including domestic shipping
8 inch diameter of base
8 inches high (not including handle)

Hand painted metal tea pot Rosemaled in the Hallingdal style by Gayle Oram MDA, VGM,
in 1999. It has never been used - only displayed. Perfect condition.


Porcelain pieces by Porsgrund of Norway

These were hand-painted and signed by Knut Andersen in 1975 - forty five years ago. They have been stored/displayed in my china cabinet for all these years. The painting is Telemark style. A similar bowl to the one shown here is in the Telemark Museum. They are magnificent.


#2109 - Porsgrund Plate
Knut Andersen
$75 each (2 available)
including domestic shipping
9 inch plate

#2110 - Porsgrund Platter
Knut Andersen
$375 each
including domestic shipping
15 inch diameter

#2111 - Porsgrund Bowl
Knut Andersen
$325 each
including domestic shipping
8 inch diameter, 5 inches deep



Other Art Forms

Front of Dolls

Back of Dolls
#2112 - Nested Dolls
including domestic shipping
Large doll - 6.5 inches

Close-up of crack

This 6 1/2” set of 7 nested dolls was hand-turned and intricately hand-painted in Russia with an unusual storyline.
It is a version of Baba Yaga. The largest doll has a crack in it. It was purchased to support a Russian artist.